Our Tires

tire edge sidewall

The “Basic" Workout Tire

This is our standard tire with all the specs necessary for your tire workout and training

Tire may be a little dusty, but they’re easy to clean

The “Indoor" Workout Tire

These tires are cleaned and detailed to your preference

Tire Cleaning: This is a 5 step, eco-friendly process
  1. Power wash all the grime and debris from tire with high pressure water
  2. Degrease by scrubbing with a baking soda/water paste
  3. Spray off residual again with our high pressure system
  4. Follow up with a secondary cleanser; a polishing with vinegar/citrus solution
  5. DRY OFF!

*nominal fee for cleaning

The Inner Tube

inner tube

We have those Heavy Duty, XL Inner tubes for Rafting, Tubing or Sledding! Don’t pay the high prices for rental or new tubes! We have em used!

Tire Removal

Been dumped on! Need a mountain of tires removed. You can have peace of mind that comes from knowing that your waste tires will be disposed of properly. You can help our environment and ensure a cleaner tomorrow.

Whether you need tire collection services, scrap tire removal, or simply have a question about tire recycling, Workout Tires.com is here to assist you in all your tire recycling needs.